Friday, November 30, 2007

the peninsula affair

I'm sorry that this'll be my first post here in a long time and that it has to be about this.

after yesterday's events, i just feel like bitching.

i'm not particularly attached to either trillanes or the administration but i do think things could have gone better yesterday.

not that its ever a good idea to walk out of court or tramp down a street with a heavily armed entourage, or cause millions of pesos in property damage (not to mention the effect on tourism again) we might all benefit from a short moment of thought about what the heck is really happening to us as a country.

was trillanes right in doing what he did? i don't know. did the government do the right thing with its application of force? it might have.

the problem now is, at the risk of sounding like a monday morning quarterback, everybody has his own opinion and theory.

what was so terrible about having trillanes rant for hours on live media while negotiations were held?

i watched quite a bit of the coverage and never saw trillanes cause or threaten any bodily harm to a single person. well the couple who were having their wedding reception at the pen might be a different story, the wife might take it out on hubby for the botched party( in any case not trillanes' fault, atleast directly). i saw no reason to storm the pen.

i heard the number over the news, the report said 60 assaulters. i wouldn't have taken a hundred men into that hotel against trillanes and his men, all well trained soldiers quite capale of inflicting alot damage should they have decided to do so.

what justified the risk to all of those (60) men? it might be easy for those at the top to tell them to go in and get trillanes out at all costs. what might those costs be? a boy never seeing his father again, a father losing a son, a widow losing her man. why risk life when you have other avenues to explore?

as always, politics rears its ugly head, a curfew is installed, bringing back painful memories of a time when a man named marcos ruled with a heavy hand. people were afraid that trillanes would get enough air time that the the citizens of this so called democracy would listen to him. perhaps the fear was that he would be able to get people to overthrow the government when so much wrong was done to the people. as a product of such an event, the current administration has every right to be weary.

we call ourselves a democracy everyday, we celebrate heroes and their ideals. why no listen to this man? hear out what he has to say? isn't that what a democracy is? a form of government where everyone has a say and a right to be heard?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

FM3A + Walkabout

went to SM Manila, took this on the way.

picked up my FM3. a few of grip panels are flaking off but its nothing some adhesive can't fix. went to quiapo afterwards.

it rained a bit and we took jeep to abbey's place and obi's car to the ccp complex. hung out at starbucks.

parting shot

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Noel Cabangon with Crowjane

been listening to this dude since i was in highschool.

the D2H saw some action again. its really shaping up nicely.

nicole was her usual self

toys and tats.
til next time

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Let's try this again

been having problems with this photoblog lately. can't seem to get images up. i'll give it another go i guess.
recently came up with a folio for a new mag.
here are some of the photos:

hey, i got em up! :D

i guess i'll be using this place after all

more soon...............


Monday, July 30, 2007

Back and Hopeful

ok, haven't posted for a while. posting photos used to be a serious problem for blogger. hope its better now. hey, even multiply isn't as fucked up now so i'll give this place another shot.

been to a few places since my last post.


this place is seriously fucked. the first photo i try to upload after two months won't upload.

oh well, guess it'll be on UBER.COM for a while.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Acting and Hiking

Spent most of last week helping out at one of COSCA's Summer Immersion Program in Sitio Karahome Bulacan. Made a few frames along the way.
The Tokina 12-24 and the new laptop made out prety well. The NG back pack kicked ass once again. I got a little nervous when i had to hump the pack for a few hours with the laptop in it. It seems to have survived the two days of trekking without any serious damage(I'm using it right now so I guess if it's broke its not major).
Connecting to the net was a bit of a bitch. Was able to connect a few time to check mail and stuff but the signal fluctuated alot. Still, atleast I know I have the capability if and when i need it. The laptop makes the pack a bit heavier but its use pretty much makes it worth the effort.

Still looking for a Cardbus CF card reader. No one seems to know what it is. I guess I'm staying with the Epson as an active backup and file transfer device til I find one.

Anyway, less blab, more pictures, this is a photo blog.

Participants for this SIP were all from the Harlequin Theater Guild. They were nice kids all around. Being around them made me feel a little old. Guess that shit catches up to everyone.

Some of the kids scribbled a thank you note for the teachers outside the door to the teacher's shack. Thought that was kinda sweet.

I liked this scene for some reason. Found the dichotomy pretty interesting. All the bricks to build and still the house is thatch.

Shot the last one on the way to check out the water pipes put in by DLSU students some time ago. We found it in a sorry state. People slapped on taps way up in the hills near the source and almost no flow gets to the village as a result of the taps.

Getting to the source was pretty difficult. Didn't bring any water. Ended up drinking from the pipe's holes before we applied the patches. Kuya Maning and I needed a breather after the walk.

First sunset at the sit. Have a few raw files from the D100 but haven't gotten to processing them yet.

Didn't really get her name, she always smiled at me though.

Baro, he was fun. Damn fast on the trail on the way to the river.

What is it with the wind and cooking fires? The wind always seems to throw a faceful of smoke whichever direction in your face.

Went to the river wednesday and thursday. First for a look-see then for the real thing.

The sun was in our face most of the way going, but it did make for some gnarly landscapes.

Last day there was Showcase Day. The kids put on a pretty good show.

The goodbyes got a bit sticky and folks started crying all around. Kids, moms, dads, La Salle students, even our faculty dude.......

Last frame.

Hope this reaches you all well.
next up is the Lian Batangas SIP, that place holds a special place in my heart.
That's where I hooked up with my better half.
She's currently pissed at me coz i won't be around for mom's day. Will be in Nueva Ecija volunteering for Akbayan.
Peace out!